Refunds are granted with good will and Foreigner Media expect its customers to exhibit the same. On logo design packages, Foreigner Media offers 100% refunds. Whereas on stationary designs, banner design or brochure design 100% refunds are offered. Refund policy states;


  • The cancellation or re-draw of the design could be requested if you are not satisfied with the initial design.
  • NO refunds would be paid after the approval of the initial designs as the coding and development is started.
  • The client would not be entitled to any refund if he contacted us after 5 days of delivery (initial or revised).
  • Refunds are not provided if a client has endorsed or selected a logo design.


Customers who requested refund would have no right over the initial design ideas (files) sent to them thus they cannot make use of it. Copy Right remains the authority of Foreigner Media Designs until fully paid.

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